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Strategic HR Consulting

Strategic HR is when human resources moves beyond its traditionally administrative role and works instead to proactively drive business performance to new heights.Strategic HR is not only intimately aligned with business strategy, but is actually a critical driver of profitability.Styraxpartners with organizations to add value and quality for organizational excellence through its services:

Competency Mapping: Identifying and Developing Competency Framework, Matrix & Directory.

Assessment Centre: Assessing Competencies for Selection, Individual Development Plans, Promotion, Career and Succession.

Mentoring & Coaching: Developing Mentoring Systems, Mentors and Coaches

HR Processes: Designing HR processes for all HR functions

Job Analysis- Job Description & Job Specification

Performance Management Systems: Designing Performance Appraisal Systems, Goal Setting, Rewards & Recognition, Incentive and other Fringe Benefits for Organizations.

Training: Identification of Training Needs & Analysis, Designing & Delivering Training Programs and Training Evaluation.

Organizational Development Interventions: Sensitivity Training, Survey Feedback, Team Interventions, Inter Group Team Interventions, Self Managed Teams, Employee Engagement, Work life balance and others

HR Outsourcing: Training & Development, HR processes, HR Audit, Job Analysis, Competency Mapping, Assessment Centre, Organizational Surveys, Personnel Policies and others.